Friday, September 11, 2015

Generational Clash Atop Of The Leaderboard At IGT @ LotusLakes

KARAWANG, September 10 - LotusLakes Golf Club is once again turning into a nightmare for the participants of the Indonesian Golf Tour presented by Linc Group Series VI. Narrow fairways and extensive but difficult to read greens meant the participants had to work hard to achieve good scores, including Junaidi Ibrahim.

Atop the leaderboard with a score of four-under par (68) the day before, Junaidi struggled to remain in the elite group. Today he played poorly with a score of 75 (three-over par). "Today I carried a little bit of a burden. From the moment I arrived and started practicing my driving, my shots already felt uncomfortable. My mood also was uneasy. Other parts of my game were no problem. But, if the drive is no good, and my ball goes into the forest, it is difficult to recover."

Luckily, Junaidi remained in the top position with a score of one-under par (143). He shared the spot with George Gandranata who today looked slick. Junaidi is still optimistic that he can achieve good results in the last round. "Tomorrow my goal is to be champion. It's been a long time I did not become a champion," the 36-year-old golfer stressed.

Meanwhile, George became one of only two golfers were able to record a score under par in the second round. Scoring 71 (one-under par), the 27-year-old was immediately propelled to the top of the leaderboard of the Indonesian Golf Tour presented by Linc Group Series VI, together with Junaidi. "Actually, my game is not much different from yesterday. In addition to hitting my driver better today, I was more confident with my shots and putted well," he explained.

The fight between Junaidi and George at the top of the leaderboard was interesting because it represents the rivalry between big and little brother or senior and junior. Not only that, they're closely followed by their senior, Maan Nasim, who is only one shot behind. The 55-year-old veteran golfer was still eager to become champion. "From the outset I want to play here (Indonesian Golf Tour Series VI) because I want to win! Hopefully I can if I'm still in excellent physical condition tomorrow, and luck is with me. What I rely on is; I still can have fun in my game. I measure from my ability, my shots are not what they used to be. I participate to seek victory, but on the other hand I also want to exert pressure in the game," said Maan.

Right behind Maan, Junaidi, and George, the juniors are ready to surprise. They are Ditya Novianto in 4th position with a total score of 144 (one-over par), as well as Rinaldi Adiyandono, Ian Andrew, and Asep Saefulloh in a tie for 5th position with 145 (two-over par).

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