Thursday, August 9, 2018

Parahyangan Golf, Bandung

A Sneak Peek

The beauty of golfing in Indonesia is that you’re never far away from a fabulous golf course. Moreover, the majority of Indonesia’s top golf courses are of world-class, and yet, there are no strict club rules and regulations like there are at many top golf courses in the UK or in the USA. Rest assured that, in Indonesia, there is no stiff-upper-lip attitude that stands in the way of an enjoyable day out on the golf course. In Indonesia, golfing is pure fun!

Furthermore, a significant amount of Indonesia’s top golf courses are conveniently located in, or near an exciting city. And for those who are looking for “awe-inspiring beauty”, it’s good to know that a great deal of Indonesia’s top golf courses is located in some of the most stunning and natural sites not too far away from the hustle and bustle of a grand city, or from a modern-day urban development.

Playing golf aided and accompanied by a charming and knowledgeable female caddie, is yet another amenity that is part and parcel of the fun of playing golf in Indonesia. And if all of this isn’t enough, playing golf on Indonesia’s top golf courses during weekdays is highly affordable and doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to break bank. Needless to say, that all of the above accolades contribute to Indonesia’s meteoric rise as one of Asia’s most attractive golf destinations.

Talking about beauty; recently I traveled to Bandung to get a sneak peek at yet another quality golf course that will surely elevate Indonesia’s - and in this case, Bandung’s reputation as a highly attractive golf destination.
Parahyangan Golf, hole #1

Located in Kota Baru, Parahyangan, Padalarang, very soon a brand new 18 holes golf course will open under the name of Parahyangan Bandung Golf. It was designed by Bob Moore - lead designer of USA-based JMP Golf Design Group, and the man who delivered top golf courses such as Royale Jakarta, Rainbow Hills and Senayan National in Jakarta, Bukit Pandawa in Bali, and Padi Valley in Makassar, to name just a few.

Set amidst a highly dramatic valley-to-mountain landscape located beyond the modern township of Kota Baru Parahyangan, Padalarang, uniquely, the golf course navigates through two distinctly different types of terrain.

From the more than 9000sqm open-spaced clubhouse, the front nine sets out from the valley into an awe-inspiring mountainous landscape that is dominated by steep hills and mountains, and that is home to ravines and deep gorges created over a period of thousands of years by weathering and erosive activity. As it plays high above the valley in which the clubhouse and the back nine are located, many holes on the front nine offer stunning views, and particularly the view from the tee box of the downhill par 5 hole #5 is exemplary.

The steep hills and mountains are home predominantly to local farmers who make a living from agriculture and vegetable farming. Seamlessly their workspaces integrate with golf holes that are situated in this part of the site, and of which several are still under construction.
Parahyangan Golf, hole #6

The back nine sets out into an open plain that borders Lake Saguling, a man-made lake that forms a rich source of income to fishermen and fish-farmers alike. The main activity on the lake’s shores is vegetable farming and growing of rice, the latter being the most widely consumed staple food in Indonesia.

Lake Saguling’s many tributaries and waterways have created a patchwork of typical landforms with shoreline-features that include plateaus, bays, gorges and streams, and tiny valleys even. And it is here, that Bob Moore cleverly created a series of golf holes - #12 to #16 - that connect and/or integrate these amazing landforms and shoreline features, making room for golf holes unlike anything we find elsewhere in Indonesia.

Whether it’s the front- or the back nine, the set-up of the entire golf course is incredibly “vast” and “spacious”. It is nothing short of phenomenal. Literally each and every hole offers a different vista that surely will have you struggle for concentration, and to take it one golf shot at a time. Without doubt, Parahyangan will leave an indelible impression with first-time visitors and seasoned golfers alike.

After what I have seen at Parahyangan Golf, for me it’s pretty obvious; the Parahyangan golf course is testament not only to Moore’s unconditional love for his trade and for Indonesia’s natural beauty, but certainly also for his unwavering respect for all that Mother Nature throws at him as a golf course designer. Rest assured that with the Parahyang golf course, Bob Moore is about to deliver one of his “very best”.

In order to share my first impressions with Golf Asia readers in Indonesia, here is a photographic sneak peek into what the brand-new Parahyangan golf course has in store for all golfers who love beauty, drama and challenge, all wrapped-up in one.

During my two-day visit at Parahyangan, no score card was available yet. So, unfortunately, I am not able to give you details on distances and slope- and course ratings. As soon as I have all of this information, we will surely publish it in one of Golf Asia’s upcoming editions.