Thursday, September 10, 2015

First Day Of IGT @ LotusLakes Belongs To The Veterans

The "Veteran" Show Superiority KARAWANG, September 9 - The first round of the Indonesian Golf Tour presented by Linc Group Series VI belonged to the veterans. with Junaidi Ibrahim, Sanusi, Maan Nasim, and Sarmilih, who all already play in the national professional golf arena for more than 15 years, vying to win the tournament with total prizes of 200 million at the LotusLakes Golf Club, Karawang. The four were perched in the top four sports of the leaderboard.

Junaidi, who is now 36-year-old, posted a score of 68 (four-under par), and sits atop the leaderboard.

Having played even par on the first nine holes (with two birdies against two bogeys), Junaidi's position continued to move to the top position after four birdies on holes 10, 12, 16, and 18. "Today was very satisfying. I learned today to play disciplined and keep control of my emotions. Because I kept control of my emotions, I controlled the game very well," said the golfer who had several times won national professional tournaments, including the Matoa Pro Championship in 2004, the Pro-Am Jagorawi 2004, and Mercedes-Benz Emeralda Golf Tournament 2010.

Facing the second round, Junaidi sure can maintain his current position. "As preparations for tomorrow basically I want more discipline and control my emotions well. I believe in skill, just need to keep the emotion," he explained. While in the lead, the golfer from Aceh was just three strokes ahead of his seniors, Maan (55 years), Sanusi (46 years), and Sarmilih. The three golfer scored 71 (one-under par), and are in a tie for second place.

George Gandranata, Asep Saefulloh, and Abhinawa Safari trailed their elders with a score of even par (72). George who started the game on the 10th tee was holding on to a score of one-under par until his 117th hole, before making a bogey on hole 9 which closed the game for the day.

The 2014 Order of Merit winner of the PGA Tour of Indonesia did not show his best performance as in last season. He is still looking for a first title in 2015. "This year was a down year for me. At least I tried to chase victory. My target is to get a win, I long to be able to get the victory. Greg Norman says 'You do not appreciate success until you taste failure'," he said.

However, George saw the positive side of the IGT competition this season. "I guess that between my game is not good or the competition becoming increasingly better. it is a combination of the two. I think this is good. Nice because I see more and more scores under par and this is something that proves that the Indonesian Golf Tour has a very positive impact," added the defending champion of IGT @ LotusLakes 2014.

Meanwhile, Asep must be satisfied with his score today because of his own mistakes. "I played calm today, but I made mistakes on the greens of hole 9 and hole 14. I made three-putts on these holes. Indeed, my putting was the problem," said Asep, who already was at one-under par until hole 12, but stumbled to a bogey on hole 14.

"Learning from today's game I need to improve my putting. That was my main problem. I need to learn to read the greens better," he said.

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