Thursday, February 26, 2015

Ian Andrew Wins Second Series Of The Indonesian Golf Tour At Modern

Tangerang, 26 September 2015 - It's without doubt that the competition in Indonesian golf is getting tougher. After sharing first place alongside Kurnia Herisiandy, Johannes Dermawan, and Rory Hie after the second day, Ian Andrew scored his first victory in the Indonesian Golf Tour series at Padang Golf Modern.

With 3 holes remaining, Ian Andrew, Kelly Herisiandy and George Gandranata were equal with a score of seven-under-par. George almost holed a birdie on hole 18, but failed and finished his game with a total score of 209 to tie with Kurnia Herisiandy.

"I played well today. My iron play today was better than the first 2 days, and my short game was quite supportive, as I also did three chip-ins and had 6 birdies", said George Gandranata.

"The competition is very tight. You have to really score a lot of birdies to win", added the Order of Merit champion of the Indonesian Golf Tour 2014.

Ian Andrew sealed his victory on the last two holes. On hole 17 Ian scored a birdie and followed up with a birdie on hole 18 as well. He finished the tournament with a spectacular total score of nine-under-par 207 (72-68-67).

Who would have thought that training on his putting after the first round would bring Ian the championship.

"I'd been trying to find improvement on putting on youtube till night. The next day I arrived early and tried out the different putting technique that I found and it turned out fantastic! I used it on the second day and the results are good."

"Today was tense. On the 18th hole I aimed the ball to the middle of the fairway. Only when Heri (Kurnia Herisiandy) shot his ball slightly outside the fairway I began to feel calm. And all went smoothly after that", said Ian Andrew.

Naraaji finished as Lowest Amateur in this edition of the Indonesian Golf Tour. With a total score of two-over-par 218 (74-71-71), Naraajie overtook Faraby Ali, who had been the leading amateur on the first and second day. Finishing in second position in the amateur class was Rizky, with a total score of three-over-par, 72-74-73 (219).

The tight competition proves that the presence of Indonesian Golf Tour tournament series pushes the ability of the Indonesian professional and amateur golfers to a new level. The consistent support from sponsors and the PGA Tour of Indonesia (PGTI) in the organization of the Indonesian Golf Tour becomes evidence of a strong commitment to the advancement of golf in Indonesia.

Thanks goes to Padang Golf Modern, Nuanza, OB Golf & Lifestyle magazine, as well as the PGA Tour of Indonesia. Once more, the tournament was executed fantastically and ended in a great success.

Leading scores after the final round of the Indonesian Golf Tour at PG Modern:

(Indonesian unless stated)

207 - Ian ANDREW 72-68-67

209 - George GANDRANATA 71-72-66, Kurnia HERISIANDY 70-70-69

212 - Junaidi IBRAHIM 72-71-69, Rory HIE 68-72-72

213 - Johannes DERMAWAN 68-72-73

214 - Benita Y. KASIADI 74-70-70

215 - I Ketut SUGIARTA 69-73-73

216 - James BOWEN (USA) 72-73-71

217 - HARJITO 71-74-72, ILYASSAK 71-72-74

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