Thursday, February 26, 2015

Four Players Vie For Honor After Second Round Of Indonesia Golf Tour At Modern

Tangerang, 25 February 2015 - Kurnia Herisiandy, Ian Andrew, and first round leaders Johannes Dermawan and Rory Hie are in a battle for the lead, when all are in a tie for first with a total score of 140 (-4) after the second round of the second leg of the Indonesian Golf Tour 2015. Both Johannes and Rory failed to repeat the results of yesterday because some shots failed.

"My approach shots were very bad, but I was still able to get par," said Johannes Dermawan.

Johannes Dermawan hopes his game from the first can be repeated on the third and final day, especially his approach shot.

After completing his round on the first day, Ian Andrew took time to improve his game at Padang Golf Modern. This was not in vain, as Ian Andrew played the second round well and he made most of his putts.

"All my putts from a distance of two to three meters went in," said Ian Andrew.

"The opportunity to become champion is still wide open, I will play my best," added the golfer from Bali.

Seven amateur players survived the cut on the second day of the second series of the Indonesian Golf Tour at Modern. Faraby Ali is still the lead amateur with a total of 145 shots (+1), one shot ahead of Rizky who recorded a total of 146.

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