Saturday, July 20, 2013

IndoGolfNews Recognized For The Best Online News Coverage On Indonesian Masters 2013

This week it was announced that IndoGolfNews was winner of The Best Online News Coverage category in the Media Center Awards of the Indonesian Masters 2013.
In other "Best Coverage" categories the winners were TopSkor (Daily Newspaper), Golf Magazine (Magazine) and MNC Sport (Television).

More Media Center Awards were presented for “Most Helpful” to Ira Wardhany of The Jakarta Post, “Best Attendance” to Tommy of Prestige Viva Golfer (Magazine) and Dita Erlangga of Associated Press Jakarta Bureau (Others), “Best Attitude” to Siti Annisa of Tim Kompas TV (Television) and Fadrin Anggi of Tim Berita Satu TV (Television) and “Best Photo” to Ismar Fatriski of Antara Foto (Online News).

We thank Indonesian Masters Committee for this recognition of IndoGolfNews as the best source for online news.

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