Friday, March 16, 2012

Asia Largest Golf Academy To Open In Indonesia

Golf is a game that's unfamiliar to most of the people of Indonesia. Moreover, the international achievements of Indonesia in the sport of golf have so far been minimal. But now the world of golf Indonesia will get a breath of fresh air because of a renowned golf academy from the United States is to open branches in Indonesia.

Junior Players Golf Academy (JPGA), an academy that already has operated for 15 years in the U.S., has chosen Indonesia to open its first branch in Asia. This new JPGA will open in June this at the Sentul Highlands Golf Club, Bogor.

According to JPGA General Manager James Quilley, Indonesia was chosen because of its strategic location as it can be easily reached by most of the countries in Asia, like Malaysia, China and the Philippines. Besides that, the natural beauty of Indonesia also has its own added value.
James hoped that the academy, that will have Asia's largest and most comprehensive facilities, will receive the interest of the public in Asia, particularly Indonesia, thereby making Indonesia the country golf academy center in Asia.

"60 percent of golfers come from Asia, and this is a potential for Indonesia," James told reporters at Sentul Highlands, Bogor (Wednesday, 14/3). Attending the meeting with reporters were JPGA President Keith T Bach and chief instructor Chris Treamblay.

The Academy will be officially opened in June. The students at the golf academy will be trained directly by instructors of JPGA who have been trained in the U.S.. Each coach will train a maximum of 6 students, so they can focus on developing the talents of the students.

Until now, the U.S. JPGA has graduated a number of great golfers playing on university teams. James acknowledged that most JGPA graduates are not well known like a Tiger Woods, but he mentioned that many JPGA graduates have won competitions in their respective countries.

In the early stages JPGA will only use coaches from the United States. However, this does not preclude that local coaches who meet JPGA coaching quality standards may be empowered to train in JPGA as well.

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