Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Indonesian Golfers' Skill Improves Significantly

JAKARTA, Feb. 15 (Xinhua) - Indonesia sees its golfers' skill improving significantly, thanks to many tournaments they have joined, training and programs developed by the Indonesian Golf Association, an executive told Xinhua in an exclusive interview on Wednesday.

Patrick Feizal Joyce, vice president of the World Sport Group, Asia's leading sports marketing agency, said that supports from golf course that allow them to practice certainly sharpens their skill.

"I think every year the more tournaments we do in Indonesia and the more other international tournaments like Asian Tour, Asian PG Tour, the more chance they get to develop. As players, they need international competition and they need more local tournaments," said Joyce.

According to Joyce, in the Indonesia Open scheduled on March 22-25 in Emeralda Golf Course in southern Jakarta, Indonesian players are expected to play well.

"I think in this year's Indonesia Open, you'll see some good performances from some Indonesian golfers. Obviously, Rory (Hie) is number one Indonesian player right now. He is by far the best (Indonesian) performer in international level. He is playing very well. But, I think some other guys also improve in the game, especially some younger guys," he said.

He also said that support from golf courses significantly improves their performance.

"And also because support from Emeralda Golf Course which allows them to play and practice regularly, they have advantage over foreign players because they know the golf course very well. That should help them. I think they will get good chances. I don't know whether Indonesians will win but you'll see some good performances," said Joyce, adding that some 5-7 professionals play and practice a lot almost every day in the golf course.

Joyce also said that he sees improvement in junior players.

"I think guys like Andik Mauludin is capable of playing well even though sometime he plays very well and sometimes not so great. If Andik is playing well, he is going to have a good chance," said Joyce.

He said that even amateurs improve their skill significantly.

"I think the amateurs perform well through the PGI programs. I think you'll see couple amateurs perform well," he said.

He also said that some old players are expected to play well.

"Yohanes Darmawan, he knows Emeralda very well. He is finished second in the tournament in the last Mercedes Tour. So, he should know how to play in the golf course," he said.

Joyce shares view with Rory Hie, the top Indonesian golfer about the biggest enemy of golfers,

"Yes, the biggest enemy is themselves. When you play golf, the only person you're really competing is yourself. You cannot try outdoing what the competitors are doing. It's you, your clubs, your golf ball, and the golf course. You can only control what you do. You can't control what anybody else does. Strong wind only makes you change your strategy. You still (have to) hit the golf shot," he said.

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