Friday, August 26, 2011

JGCC Member Beats Age With Jagorawi New Course Record 63

Jagorawi Golf & Country Club member Mr. Dukki Kim, Director at SAMSUNG Electronics Indonesia, shot an amazing course record of 63 on the New Course on Saturday, August 6th, 2011.

Hereunder follows a hole-by-hole description of the round, played from the White Tees, in the words of Mr. Dukki Kim:

On the Front Nine I shot 32 with 1 “Eagle”, 4 “Birdies” and 2 “Bogeys”.

Hole 1, I made an “Eagle” after my second shot landed at the greens edge, I managed to hole out my third 8 iron.
Hole 2, I made a “Birdie” after sinking 10 putt.
Hole 3, I made an atrocious “Bogey” when I duffed my 125 meter approach shot into the water hazard, after taking a penalty, I managed to knock my 4th shot to 3 feet and sank the putt.
Hole 4, was a comfortable “Par” after a 2 putt from 20 feet.
Hole 5, was another silly “Bogey” when I duffed my 54 degree pitching wedge from the green edge and had 2 putts.
Hole 6, finally saw some form come back with a solid “Birdie” after rolling in an 8 footer.
Hole 7, “Birdie” after sinking a 20 foot snake of a putt.
Hole 8, “Birdie” time has arrived! Knocked my approach dead and sank the 4 foot putt.
Hole 9: let a 15 foot putt slip past to make a “Par”.

On the Back Nine I shot 31 with 5 “Birdies”.

Hole 10, this “Birdie” came easy with a great 3rd shot approach and rolled in a 5 foot putt.
Hole 11, nerves are starting to twitch and I had to pinch myself to check that this wasn’t a dream with another “Birdie” sinking a 10 footer.
Hole 12, I made an easy “Par” with 2 putts from 20 feet.
Hole 13, I made another smooth “Par” after leaving my second shot short, I hit my 60 degree wedge from 10 yards out to 6 feet from the pin and sank the putt.
Hole 14, two solid shots coming up the hill, sinking a simple 6 footer for “Birdie”.
Hole 15, everyone knows this hole can be “make-or break” so a “Par” with 2 putts from 20 feet was a relief.
Hole 16, Closing hole jitters? No way! I played this tough hole with 3 solid shots and sank a 5 foot putt for “Birdie”.
Hole 17, Clubhouse in sight, I knew I couldn’t let myself down, I was happy to 2 putt from 15 feet for “Par”.
Hole 18, This is a tough closing hole, I managed to make “Birdie” after pushing my approach 5 yards right of the green and then chipping in with a cool flop shot from my 60 degree wedge.

I ended the round with a 63 which comprised of 1 “Eagle”, 9 “Birdies”, 6 “Pars and 2 “Bogeys”. I suppose that I will never play this good again, but mostly I am happy to say this broke my life best score from 67 which I made 28 years ago and tied just 3 weeks ago, I had a personal most birdies in one round, and most of all became an “age shooter” at 64 (my target was 73).

Congratulations go to Mr. Dukki Kim on such a magnificent round of golf and reaching a true golfers lifetime goal of becoming an "age shooter". The great Sam Snead holds the PGA Tour record, and he was already 67 before becoming one, so this is truly a great achievement.

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